New Year’s Resolution: Why not do something for others?

It’s the start of a new year and undoubtedly people will be making changes to their lives by thinking of a New Year’s resolution. Most of us will make a New Year Resolution, maybe to lose weight, quit smoking or drink less alcohol. New year’s resolution is a common tradition around the world in which an individual decides to give something up or make a change in their life, more so for the better.

According to the Mirror, some popular resolutions include: exercising more, eating better, cutting down on alcohol, and giving to charity. Some of these resolutions; for instance, exercising more, could involve spending more money such as on a gym membership or a diet subscription.

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New Year’s Resolutions Statistics.

Giving to charity or doing a good deed for the New Year is not a new idea, we can see these traditions quite a lot from the past. The Roman’s would begin every year by making promises to the God, Janus, while the Ancient Babylonians made promises to their God’s they would return borrowed objects and pay back any debts they had.

According to the BBC, ‘ in 2012, the average weekly turnover per charity shop from January to March was £2,087, compared with £2,038 for the same charities in the same quarter a year earlier.’ This here shows how even though by not much, there are more people buying stock from charity shops around the beginning of the year, and this all helps.

Oxfam, one of the biggest charities in the world, helps fight poverty and injustice in over 94 countries worldwide. For 2015, they added a new feature on their website called ‘New Year’s resolution with a difference’. This idea is to get children involved with making a selfless resolution, they write ‘Get your children making resolutions that not only affect them, but also those around them, locally and globally.’

This feature on the Oxfam website is mostly used by teachers and has presentations attached so the teachers can show their pupils. This is a great cause for young children as it teaches them to be selfless, and whether it is actually giving to charity, or even deciding to help people more, it can mean the world to someone else.

Reporters, Hani Ritcher and Liping Luo spoke with the manager of the Islington Oxfam store about New Year’s and how business has been like for them, for more information about the interview, view the video below.

Interview the manager of Oxfam, Islington branch.

A staggering £37m a year is spent on wasted gym memberships, says a report in the Daily Mail. This could be down to people wanting to exercise more for New Year, but never get round to doing it.

Money plays a big role in the New Year, whether it is due to new resolutions, or even down to the January sales.

January sales may be one of the reasons why people spend more money around New Year’s. Many, if not every, retailers cut their prices in order to get rid of old stock, and to be ready for their new seasonal stock. Despite the prices being cut, people actually end up spending more because of all the bargains. According to Business Insider, ‘a big, bold “SALE” sign helps get people in the store’.

However, spending more money due to resolutions doesn’t always have to be selfish. As The Mirror described, one of the most popular New Year resolution’s was to give to charity more. Whether it is actually donating clothes, or deciding to support a charity shop by buying things there, it all helps the cause they are raising money for.

Below, reporter Natalia Carcame and Hani Ritcher have interviewed people around the University of the Arts London’s LCC campus about their New Year’s resolutions and what they thought about them.

Interview the LCC students about their views of New Year’s Resolutions.

From the interviews from both audio and video, we can see that giving rather than making a selfish resolution actually has more effect on people. So this year, do a good deed, be less selfish, and have a good one.

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Video: Hani Richter & Liping Luo

Audio: Natalia Carcame & Hani Richter

Article: Rachel Fineman

Infographic: Liping Luo


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