3-Minute Documentary About An Event: Winter Wonderland 2014 (WEEK 7 ~ WEEK 9)


(Video of Winter Wonderland 2014)

The biggest festive event Winter Wonderland is back at Hyde Park for 2014! The annual fair returns to London’s Hyde Park to mark its 8th year. It’s that time of the year again to take out the fur coats and boots!

This year there are dozens of rides and hundreds of market stalls, food vendors and carnival games view for the public to enjoy, sprawling across a hefty chunk of one of London’s largest parks.

Add this to the fact that as one of the capital’s most fabulous festive events. Winter Wonderland attracts crowds of thousands on a regular basis, and it’s easy to get overwhelmed and miss some of the best attractions.

The event has fairground rides, child friendly Santa’s grotto and through the Christmas markets is a real treat for anyone feeling the spirit of the season, as long as you’re ready to hear all those songs as you ponder.

Other attractions at Hyde Park’s annual Christmassy addition is the Giant Observation Wheel and the ‘Christmas Circus’ and ‘Cirque Berserk’ – from the family friendly Zippos Circus. Winter Wonderland’s ice rink, the biggest outdoor rink in the UK, surrounds the Victorian bandstand and is illuminated with more than 100,000 lights. The video below highlights some of the key events; make sure to check it out!

The festival also includes The Magical Ice Kingdom. It’s a chance to get up close to some real ice and snow, meeting some mythical frozen beasts by the chilly forest. The 60-metre observation wheel, rollercoaster’s and fairground rides do the job in making the public happy. A good alternative for those who prefer to stay on the ground are the selection of themed bars with real fires, except for the Ice Bar (for structural reasons) where even the glasses you drink from are made of ice.

Famous stars shows in there sometimes as well! American actress Lindsay Lohan was seen in London on 30th November on a few rides at Winter Wonderland.

23AB50AE00000578-0-image-143_1417565461602Satisfying her need for speed: Lindsay joined friends on an Ice-inspired ride.

Rose Smith, 24 was interviewed at the festival she says:

“Going to Winter Wonderland was a really fun experience. I went there with a friend to have a fun day out and that is what we got. There were rides for the people that enjoy thrills. There were also food stalls there to enjoy which we did buy from. We went ice skating too and that was a fun experience – even though I held on to the side rails as it was my first time ice skating but my friend was more confident and that also meant she fell down in the sludgy ice rink. We also had the chance to watch a circus performance too, which was fun too.

Traveling there was easy and we both used the Underground which is simple enough to use if you know what you are doing. There were also signs once at the station to guide where the Winter Wonderland was happening. I would recommend Winter Wonderland to everyone as there is something for everyone (families, couples, friends etc) to do and it is a nice chance to come to London to have fun. It only happens once a year so what is the harm in trying. I would give my experience of going to Winter Wonderland a 7.5/10.”

If you’re skating, be aware there’s no minimum age for skaters, under-12s must be accompanied by someone 16 or over and the smallest skates for hire are children’s size 9 (adult skates go up to size 13).  Anyone can use their own skates as long as they’re not speed skates. Wheelchair users are welcome on the ice. There are also ice guides on who can look after groups of up to 15 skaters at a time (for an additional charge).

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Team Members:

Article Author: Kholla Khan; 

Video Filming & Editor: Liping Luo.

(2 students from BA Journalism Year-2, London College of Communication)


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